SO There’s this guy who starts making music,
He downloads some drum loops and releases a track.

The feedback… oh man! You shouldn’t use drum loops…,

So he gets some drum samples and programs his own loops, and releases a track…

The feedback… oh man! You shouldn’t use drum samples…,

So he learns to play the drums and releases some music.

The feedback… sounds great man! Keep going!

He realises he’s found the secret!

But then it all goes wrong, he breaks a drum.

What should I do? I shouldn’t buy a ready made drum skin, I should try to make one… I just need a goat skin.

Years go by and he hasn’t released any music for years. What with all the Goat Farming he just doesn’t have the time.

this is me with synthesisers.

I am the Goat Farmer.

What’s your story?

How can I get hold of StartHere synth kit?